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Pharmacist run consulting company

Peregrine WORx

A pharmacist-run consulting company using precision medicine to improve your quality of life.



How do you feel about the side effects of your medications knowing pharmacogenomics affects your wellness?

Peregrine WORx is here to help!

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Peregrine WORx offers a concierge medical service taking the WHOLE picture into consideration; medication, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization specializing in pharmacogenomics.

Medication Reviews

Comprehensive Medication Review

Provider Collaboration

Provider Collaboration

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Point of Care Testing

Point-of-Care Testing

Why Work W/ Us

Why Work With Us

Personalized For You

Did you know that while your physician is qualified to practice medicine, they may or may not fully understand how the prescription interacts with the body? Peregrine WORx was born of the idea that in order to properly address the condition we must first assess the whole story. We then ask the questions; are the options presented the best medications utilizing real world evidence and practice in pharmacogenomics (PGx)?

What we offer is the empathy and understanding that we are each unique in our composite, and as such, we utilize the information gained from these tests to better guide your medicinal path on choices and options to enable healing and promote health rather than combating side effects.


We believe Peregrine WORx can help assess the needs and provide solutions that do not impair the quality of life but rather provide longevity and comfort to live your best life possible.

Quality of Life
Why PGx
Why PGx

How Pharmacogenomics Can Help

The Significance of PGx

Unlocking the potential of pharmacogenomics, our company brings a fresh perspective to the healthcare landscape. In recent years, the FDA has intensified its focus on this dynamic sector, leading to an increasing number of medications that now require specific genetic tests. It's a crucial step towards ensuring personalized and effective treatments for patients.

As the importance of genetic factors in medication response becomes more evident, our commitment to real-world evidence is unwavering. We understand the implications of overlooking these crucial details, which is why we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients.

Consider, for instance, the landmark lawsuit where Hawaii secured a remarkable $834 million victory against Bristoll-Myers Squibb and others. The case highlighted the failure to warn Asian descent users of clopidogrel, commonly known as Plavix®, about the potential health risks involved. Such examples underscore the significance of integrating pharmacogenomics into the healthcare journey.

By partnering with our program, you can harness the power of real-world evidence and pharmacogenomics to optimize treatment outcomes while reducing costs. Our innovative approach ensures that you and your patients receive personalized and safe healthcare solutions, eliminating unnecessary risks and inefficiencies. Join us on this transformative path towards enhanced patient care and substantial savings.


Precision Medicine

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